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ULM : Unexcpected trip at the beautiful city in Germany

After staying in Rothenburg as previous blog. Today, We have to leaving this lovely city.

We checked out at noon and driving back to Switzerland but our plan was a bit change ‘cause a local german told us , we should stop by at ULM city.


For me I have never heard about this city before so in that time I have no idea how it will be and what is the famous things are here. 1 hour for driving from Rothenburg to Ulm, That’s all I know. Lol

We are arrived and parking next to the train station and stopped at the map to see where should I go.


As I already there and this city looks interesting so I back home and read more city’s information.

In the center is the huge Gothic Ulm Minster, the tallest steeple in the world  Also the birthplace of Albert Einstein!


In that day, I had few hours for sightseeing around the city because we still have to driving long way back home so we decided to see just only few places.

First, Ulm minster.

This is the tallest church in the world 161.53 m and it is so stunning as Gothic style. It was very hard for  me to got one shot by get all church in one frame. Sadly, we didn’t go up at the top to see the city view. I am pretty sure the view from there is look amazing!


We walked forward to Altes Rathuas

You can see the painting on the wall with German renaissance architecture. This are gorgeous art and telling about city story.

Then we walked to Neu-Ulm part

because I want to get landscape Alt Ulm photos. Neu Ulm is located opposite Alt Ulm and be separated be the river and beside by public garden and park.

This place is the best for photo! And I did many lol


We were stopping to enjoy the green and nature in this area. It was so good to sitting, chilling and seeing how people are enjoyed with family on Sunday

After that we crossed the bridge and heading to  Fishermen’s Quarter. It used to be the centre of medieval Ulm. When Ulm reached its economic and cultural peak in the 16th century, the Fishermen’s Quarter was an important transfer site for various products



Time’s up!!! Time to back home. It was so nice to stopped by here but too bad we didn’t see all the important things. I missed The Einstein house, Schiefes Haus (It’s the most crooked hotel in the world by the Guinness Book records) and etc.

FYI. You should have one free day for sightseeing or take tour guide to know more Ulm deeply!

For us, We are heading back home.

See you next blog my love xoxo