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The biggest pumpkin exhibition at Jucker Farm

My Good day at Jucker Farm

On Saturday, We went to the place whereis decorated with thoundsand pumpkins.

The exhibition happens annually and It is well known at Jucker Farm. This farm is located next to nice lake in Seegräben, Zurich city.


FYI : you can get off the train at AATHAL station and get on the Shuttlebus at the bus station. (next to the train station.)

We paid for roundtrip ticket. It’s 5 CHF per person.


but for those who have brought the train ticket directly it’s included in the price.


Or you can also walking as well about 20 minutes to the farm. For who come here by car. Parking is in front of the farm but always full on weekend.


These are our ticket. 🙂


We went there by our car and we had to parking next to the train station lol. That’s why we took the shuttle bus.

Get off from the bus. We heading to the farm directly.

Walked pass the parking lot and just follow the people in front of you. 5 mins, we arrived here


Entry is free for everyone. I got inside and the first thing I saw is …People. (Just kidding lol)

It was Medusa made by pumpkins that what I saw. Theme for this year is Mythical creators. Not only Medusa but they also have other creators around the farm.



Next to medusa head. We saw three giant pumpkins. These are surprised me.

Just wondering how many years to grow it.


For all tourist please respect the rules then These things are remaining as same as it be for others to admired when they come to visit later day.
Not only this place but I mean everywhere that you go. Just enjoy the moment 😊


Jucker Farm is quite big. They have pleanty space for the exhibition, eating area, playground, farm, animals zone, restaurant, Bakery and shops.

The shop is selling healthy goodies and surely pumpkins.


It’s me.

My favorite is this one behind.


pumpkin carving

They have many things and events here for example huge apple labyrinth with barefoot experience, Pumpkin craving.

I think this is really good for family to have a quality time together.


Kids Zone

Eating and stting with the lake view.


Animal zone

I was surprised again when I saw the chicken cause’ they look difference from Thai chicken.

They are more fluffy and cute. haha


and they let the rabbits stay with the same area with chicken.

just wondering is chicken ever hurt rabbits or not?


Next together. There are GOAT. I try to call it with my voice but it wasn’t working. They were ignoring me.

Until a woman next to me saw how much I tried to get them attention then she gave me an apple.


I was so apprecited and I say thank you to her many times. Finally I felt like I am a hot girl lmao. It’s work. Gaot are coming to me.

hmmm not me actually they are coming for apple. lol

I was so happy to feed them.





After enjoyed taking photos and walking around. I went to survey the shop. They sell many different pumpkins , vegetables bekerry and food here.

Third surprised for me was. The different pumpkins. I didn’t know they have various species.

I always thinking they have just one species as MANDARIN  until I am here.

I got new knowleadge today! I felt so glad that I came to Jucker Farm.


For who want to buy the pumpkins. the price depends on weight.

Choose which one you like and come to this point to weight and pay then bring it back home.


I like these basket so much. It is for sell as well.


They sell all goodies from this farm with fresh vegetables also many healthy products that you can selected.


We went inside to the restaurant. It have many food inside. Salad, Soup , dessert and etc.

Especially pumpkin cake that you must try.

I like this idea for the juice tanks. Just grab a bottle or a glass to get the juice.

for who doesn’t want to sitting at the table. They allow you to sit on the yard to enjoy the view like this too.

But help them to keep it clean. Just bring your waste to the trash. it is so easy to do right? 🙂


They have the grill party start at 6PM till 9PM. The cost is 54 CHF. and you get all everything for food and drinks.

We didn’t waiting for grill party cause’ I am not a person who can eat a lot in short time. haha


Jucker Farm opens daily.  But The pumpkin exhibition is set up in September until 4th Nov. 2018

Nov – Apr: Mo – So, 09:00 – 18:00
Mai – Oct:  Mo – So, 09:00 – 22:00



See you next trip