Mango-conut milk pudding. Yummy dessert for spring.

Hi guys!  It‘s already Spring. I am so happy that weather is getting nicer and flowers are blooming.

As the weather so lovely, more sun and higher temperature. I need a dessert to make fresh and feel good.

I do love ice cream but I want to eat something different. So I do Pudding by myself and it is very easy and really yummy.

You might knew my dessert name already from the toppic . Yes, it Mango-conut milk pudding.

Because it have Mango and coconut milk inside of the pudding! lol (just like that :p)

If you wanna try to do it. Let‘s follow the reciepe here.


I hope you can do it well and really hope you like it.

Keep me an update how it is for you!

If you like me to share more for cooking (Thai food) or something else. Let me know.

Thank you xoxo