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Koh Mak : the real paradise for vacation

As we have lots of time for our vacation. We made a trip to explore 3 Islands and we decided to go to Thailand as it is my home country.

First island we went to Koh Mak. It is a very small island of TRAT province Whereis located in east of Thailand .



We started our trip from BANGKOK.

But I don’t want to tell you with my way to go because it was a bad idea to do that.

Due to we have to go to island by the boat as BOONSIRI ferry.

They have service car directly from Bangkok to island as well. Let’s check more info on the link

So I suggest you guys to use this option. It is easier and reasonable price.


At the boat ticket counter you will get one ticket and sticker which is island name wrote down.

Put sticker on your shirt and keep the boat ticket to check before get on the ferry.

just wait in the area until the staff let you know for onboard. They will take you too pier by shuttle bus.

After 1:30 hour. We arrived at Koh Mak and took the taxi to the resort 50 thb per person.

But you might get free pick up service depends on where you are staying. Just check the condition with the resort.



Where we stayed

We booked two different resort on the island from

For more photo please check on the website.


As bamboo house style but not next to the beach. In my opinion, I love the style of resort. Very shady and winds all day and night.

But don‘t swimming in the pool. It’s not clean ‘cause I saw bird shits when I took photos at there.

I think this place you have to be very chill person to staying here and you don’t my with mosquito net is damaged and no hair dryer available.



Second resort : Naivacha Tent

 Unique resort style for staying to get new experiences and it is located next to the beach (private beach)

with coconut trees view and rooms are different style.

Red sands at the beach cause by the rock under the sea but if you would like to swimming just walking to LAZY DAY RESORT to chilling with beautiful beach as the owner are brothers.


During the night stars are shiny. Just heads up to the sky in front of our tent

and we can see stars are sparking. Also we can see the milky way at 4 am

but unfortunately i woke up at 7 am everyday. Haha


All staffs are nice and helpful.


she is the small woman who has a lots of Koh Mak information and always willing to tell you

if you have time to spending and talking with her to know more deeply details.



the owner, who has the idea and tent inspiration from Kenya and passion to keep Koh Mak

being like nature this and also wants to envelop to be better for green tourism


for example planting by guess in the resort area, eco-car to reduce CO2 ,

TRASH HERO activity every Saturday for who want to join to help and clean the island together.

His ideology makes me understand koh mak goal and very impressed the way that everyone on island are trying to take care of this island.

How to explore the island

Motorcycle is the best options as I try to ride a bicycle. It wasn’t work. Too exhausted for who not really strong enough like me lol.

But if you want to rent the bike is 100 thb per day

And 300 THB for motorcycle and buy the oil 40 thb at any convenience store

As beaches are public area so we went to every beaches and saw many beautiful resort to staying to get an idea where to stay if we would love to come back next time.




Exploring the island by motorcycle.

Watching sunset every evening at Ao Suan Yai beach.


Try Sea food at Koh mak sea food restaurant.


having thai food and Q-bar.



If you are stay long and need to washing clothes. You can go to Tong shop (minimart). They have the washing machine available. 60 thb by ten coin


I can say. Koh Mak is the best island for me. We are impressed with peaceful, beautiful and clean beach more over local people are very nice and kind. Would love to go back surely!


next island please!