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Exploring lovely town in Germany – Rothenburg ob der Tauber

It is my Germany road trip on Weekend. We spend 3 days in Germany with two cities and this blog, I am writing for first city.

It is Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

A lovely little town in Germany.

Day 1

On Friday evening, We were driving from Switzerland to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

4 hrs for driving to the direction, I was sitting and do nothing in the car. Normally, I always sleep lol

but I was enjoyed with the beautiful landscape view and especially Autumn makes the highway so colourful . It was so perfectly view for me.

After long way, finally we arrived to our place. We booked a guesthouse in Rothenburg for two nights.

This guesthouse is belonging to the farmer family and it is very new and clean.

This guesthouse is located in living area not too far from the old town. 15 mins by walk.

Tel. 098 614 586 

We got a huge bed and It was so comfy.

The toilet is quite big, maybe it’s bigger than other hotels where I was staying in Europe! But they don’t have toiletry .

Anyway,I prepared my stuff for showering.  Just a hairdryer that I didn’t have  .

My man was asking for it from the owner for me and I was still have a luck. They have it!

After this trip. I remind myself that when I am staying at the guesthouse. I should prepare mine everything.

I and my BF decided to walk to the old town in the evening for having dinner and we wanted to do night city walk tour.

We had dinner at the restaurant in the old town with his colleagues.

When dinner has done. We were walking in the old town. I really love this city so much.

The environment during the night was so romantic and lovely. I took many many photos.

At 9pm, they have German tourist ppl who were waiting for walking with Night Watchman.

It is a city tour to telling the city’s story.

For English program begins at 8pm and German at 9pm. And also, Fee 7 Euro. Per person.

Even though my German is B1 level, I was barely understanding in German language but it’s ok to walking with group tour around the town.

It had been long day for us.

After Night Watchman’s Tour finished. We went back to our place for sleep

Day 2

I woke up pretty early. It was 6:10 am. I showered and dressed up, ready for going out to taking photos at 7:30 am.

That’s because I was trying to avoiding group tour and wanted to get good photos of mine. hehehe

my first outfit in the moring

During the early morning the city is soooooo beautiful and peaceful city. I love to looking at the building and finding the place to take photos.

Just few hours, I got many photos! hahaha so we went back to the guesthouse to having breakfast and take rest before going out to get photos during afternoon again.

Yea! I am in love with it  because today is our last day here. And this city is on my wish list that I am looking forward to come here!

Before we went back, we had SCHNEELBALLEN. It is a special and famous city’ cookies.

It hard and a bit sweet. I love it. This is the one that you must try!

In the afternoon

The first place we explored it was at city wall.

We walked up and seeing the lovely town. I’ve seen the wall have many names on the stones.

The name is belong to who is donate for reconstruction the city wall.

It is the Champaign after the world war II and keep continuing until now.

For who wants to have name permanently on the wall, donation 1,200 Euro the name and hometown of the benefactor will be set in a stone.

snap shot at the city wall

Walking half an hour on the wall, I went down and heading to center city cause It is located many shops there.

my second outfit in the afternoon

back to the center of the town.

First shop, I went in to Teddyland. It is easily to find the shop. They have a big teddy bear welcoming in front.

This shop sell various teddy. Many children were happy and some parents bought it back to be a new family member.

The second shop is the most well known about Xmas staffs namely Käthe Wohlfahrt.

They are a Xmas shop and also being Christmas museum.

Snap shot in front of the store.

I was joyful when I step in, It full fill by Chrisman’s environment.

Everything about Xmas is all around you.

I felt like, I was dreaming, being another part of the world.

The shop is quite small, but I took time at least two hours inside there.

It was really fascinating. I am into it and can’t stop smiling.

I thought, I would love to come here again during x’mas.

It will be lovely in winter, the xmas feeling, and moments

omg I can imagine that it will be really good time.

In Weichnachsmarkt shop I wanted to buy the Xmas’ decoration back home

because I was planing to have Xmas tree this year.

Unfortunately, my man reminds me that,

we already booked the flights to go to Thailand for vacation in December.

What a pity!

I was a bit sad but it’s not too bad though, i can do it next year anyway.

We got nothing just walking inside and enjoy the moment to looking the cutie stuffs.

To be honest, mostly everything are very expensive but many people are willing to buy it.

I think the things here are unique. Not too bad to take some like souvenirs.

Before leave this town. I took many photos to keep it as my memories.

Bye Rothenburg. ‘Till next time.

See you guys on my next post soon.

love! xoxo