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Blausee and Oeschinensee

My one day trip at two beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

It had been almost two hours by car.  We arrived at Blausee midday and many swiss people are coming for relaxing here but luckily, we got free space to parking in front of the entrance.



We were heading directly to by the ticket and get inside immediately

For the ticket price information is here https://www.blausee.ch/en/naturpark/eintrittspreise/



The entrance is next to the building here. Don’t goes wrong as me. lol



Even the sun is very strong but when I walked in side it was very cold by the forest. It is shady and sunlight barely to get through.

Not too long way. I saw the lake and took many photos without any words. It was so stunning for me. The water is BLUE. That’s so amazing.

This lake have a story about HOW BLAUSEE GOT ITS COLOR :




The lake is small but very beautiful.

They also have boat service for who wants to see the water closer and many people were waiting in the line for another nice scenery in Blausee.

I recommend this activity it’s a must to do.



Not only sitting on the boat but many swiss people are also pick nick and Trout fishing here inside.

This is the one of activities that people here love to do on the weekend.

I think, It is really good idea because you can spend time with family and having a good moment and close relationship.


 For kids, They have a big playground for children and have a space for who to enjoy sitting next to the lake and dogs are allowed too.


Yes I said Blausee is a small lake but They have hotel and restaurant, full of many activities here such as diving or wedding.

You can find more information on the website : https://www.blausee.ch/


Before I leave, I took an hour just sitting and looking at this blue lake here. How beautiful is 🙂


After that we went out, before we go to the second lake, I bought one magnet as I always do.


We were heading to Oschienensee by car.

I have to stopped by after parking to take photos before walking further.



Photo done! haha, and keep walking. We don’t know the way at all but we are heading to the big mountain in front of us.

We can see the cable car when we come closer.


And here we are. The entry to going to Oschienensee. Yeap… we have to take the cable car to go there because it is located on the top. I won’t walk for sure.


So, We are willing to buy the ticket. We have Swiss-Pass so we got 50% discount for the ticket woo hooo.


As today is not much people, so we got private cable car. What a lucky day for us.


Even is already summer but the top of the mountain is still having snow on the top od the mountian behind me.


We already arrive at the top but not yet for the lake lol.

We still have to walking around 20 mins to go there. If you are too lazy to walk, they have shuttlebus but it is not included in the ticket we bought.

Anyway, we were not hurry. we wanted to walking and enjoying the view like this.


Officially arrived. First word I said it was

“Oh My God”. This lake is so different from Blausee. As I can see the location, the size and the lake’s color. And yes. It is very beautiful here too. 

Can you find any people in the picture? How big the lake is!


We walked inside to sat close to the lake but couldn’t stay long because it was very cold.

We had’t any jacket with us cause we thought it is not cold but we were wrong.

well, we decided to heading back home after that.


See you next trip…



FYI : Before you go there. Just check the timetable from the web site first. https://www.oeschinensee.ch/en/info/